Thursday, December 20, 2007

Big Announcement

Hello everyone! I do have a big announcement and this is absolutely good news. I will be co-creating a radio station tribute site. The site will pay tribute to a short-lived top 40 station known as "POWER 95". As many of you who know, the calls were WTNZ-FM. Before that, the station was known as "95-3 TNZ" where they played a CHR/Dance format.

I am going to keep the site open because I enjoy learning about Knoxville radio history and I enjoy posting airchecks. I will be creating the "POWER 95" tribute site with Chad Austin. This site it will feature airchecks, pictures, and so much more.

Keep it right here for the link to the "POWER 95" tribute site and keep it here for more airchecks coming very soon.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vintage Airchecks: WOKI

Here are three more airchecks I have uploaded onto Esnips and they are unscoped airchecks.

(This aircheck from April 1988 invcludes Gary Beach and the music that was heard in 1988)

(In this aircheck from May 1987, you'll hear Ted Ousley doing an airshift and the music that was popular in 1987)

(In this aircheck from February 1986, you'll hear some of Mick Edwards doing an airshift and the music that was popular in 1986)

All of these airchecks are courtesy of Chad Austin. Keep it here in the next few days as new airchecks are going to be uploaded.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vintage Airchecks: WIMZ, WMYU, and WOKI

Hi again everyone! Here are the links to some more airchecks:

(This is a jingle for U-102 WMYU from 1986. The jingle heard is part of a jingle package that U-102 used at the time called "Hot KIIS" by Jam Productions)

(In this aircheck from 1986, you hear JJ Randle doing a live remote at Tony's VIP in Knoxville)

(This is one of the sweepers WOKI-FM used in 1986)

(This is another one of the many sweepers WOKI-FM used in 1986)

(In this aircheck from 1986, you'll hear Colvin Idol do a local newsbreak during Phil Williams' shift on WIMZ-FM 103.5)

(In this aircheck from 1986, you'll hear a short clip of Phil Williams hosting a morning show on WIMZ-FM 103.5)

(In this aircheck from 1985, you'll hear Shotgun Stevens and Danny The Geek. This is a very funny aircheck of both Shotgun and Danny)

(In this aircheck from 1985, you'll hear a clip of Shotgun Stevens where he talks about Topper Shutt who worked at WTVK-TV 26 in Knoxville at the time. Topper Shutt now works at WUSA-TV 9 in Washington, DC)

(In this clip from 1986, you'll hear a promo for the Stevie Nicks concert as heard on WOKI-FM 100.3)

(In this aircheck from 1985, you'll hear a promo Jerry Howell did for Shotgun Stevens' night show on WOKI-FM 100.3)

All of these airchecks are courtesy of Chad Austin.

Stay tuned in the next few days for a clip of Ashley Adams doing the afternoon show on WLIQ-AM 1340.

Coming very soon

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone has had a good week so far. It has been a good one for me and I have enjoyed it. Why the topic "coming very soon"? Well, you're about to find out in this post.

Coming in the next few days, some more classic Knoxville radio clips are going to be posted. Some highlights includes a Colvin Idol newsbreak he did on WIMZ from 1986 and a clip of Shotgun Stevens with Danny The Geek from 1985. That clip of Danny the Geek and Shotgun has to be the funniest clip I have ever heard. Another highlight has to be a jingle for WMYU-FM 102.1 from 1986 when they were U-102.

I have already put the clips onto Esnips and sometime on Saturday night or Sunday, I will post the links to the airchecks for anyone who wants to hear those airchecks.

And that's not all, you will also hear a classic aircheck of Ashley Adams, the current morning DJ doing an afternoon shift on WLIQ-AM 1340 from 1988. For those who do not know this or for many of you who know, WLIQ-AM 1340 was known as "13Q" and played oldies at the time.

These airchecks come to us from Chad Austin so thanks to Chad for these wonderful airchecks.

Also, don't forget to check out my favorite website I visit everyday called "Knoxville Radio History 101". The site features lots of good pictures and lots of interesting information.

The site is located at so when you get the chance, don't forget to check it out like I always do everyday.

Keep it here this weekend for new airchecks and lots more on Knoxville Radio History. This is Derrick saying have a good Saturday and keep it right here for more from Knoxville Radio History.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Vintage Aircheck: WOKI-FM 100.3 (1975-1977)

Here is another vintage aircheck of WOKI-FM 100.3. In this aircheck, you'll hear IDs and jingles from the period of 1975 and 1977.

Aircheck courtesy of Patrick W. Meeks.

Vintage Aircheck: WOKI-FM 100.3 (10/8/1975)

This is an aircheck of WOKI-FM 100.3 from October 8, 1975. This aircheck was recorded during its first few months of operation. The DJ is J. L. Myers and features some commercials.

Aircheck courtesy of Patrick W. Meeks.

Vintage Aircheck: WOKI-AM 1550 (9/13/1977)

This is a vintage WOKI-AM 1550 aircheck from September 13, 1977. It is scoped which features Patrick W. Meeks, the DJ at the time, talking

This is courtesy of Patrick W. Meeks, a former WOKI-AM 1550 DJ.

Hey everyone!

Hello everyone! I apologize if I have not posted on the blog in a few months. I have been so busy with everything including college. I graduate from Roane State in May of 2008 and afterwards, I will be taking online course.

I will keep the site open because I want to learn more about Knoxville radio history and I am going to post more airchecks in the near future so be on the lookout for those coming up. I have some clips of WOKI from the 1970s including the AM version from 1977.

Keep it here for more as they happen.

- Derrick

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vintage WIVK Lineups

WIVK Weekday Program Lineup - 1961
7:00am Claude's Clock Show with Claude Tomlinson
9:00am Cas Walker
9:30am Mull Singing Convention with Rev. & Mrs. J. Bazzell Mull
11:30am The Cas Walker Show
1:00pm Claude Tomlinson
3:00pm Ken Russell
6:00pm-Signoff Phil Rainey

WIVK Weekday Lineup - 1972
6:00am Claude Tomlinson
9:00am "Sound Off" with Claude Tomlinson & Barry Smith
10:00am Kenny Dearstone
1:00pm Ed Brantley
3:00pm Bobby Denton

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vintage Aircheck: WOKI-FM 100.3 (1981; Brother John St. John #2)

I have posted a second scoped aircheck of Brother John St. John on WOKI-FM 100.3 from 1981. It is a great aircheck from that year and just like the first aircheck I posted of Brother John St. John, his voice is wonderful.

You can hear the aircheck and it is located at

Coming soon: An aircheck of U-102 with Phil Williams.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Vintage Aircheck: WIVK-AM 850/FM 107.7 (1972; Claude Tomlinson)

I have posted a new vintage aircheck. This one is of WIVK-AM 850/FM 107.7 from 1972. It is a scoped aircheck of Claude Tomlinson's morning program. You will also hear Old Man Schultz, his alter-ego on there. A very short aircheck but all in all, it was a good one.

You can hear it here at:

Courtesy of Chris Huff of DFW Radio Archives.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Knoxville Radio Dial - 1977

Here is list of Knoxville radio stations that existed back in 1977.

These come from personal memory based on the posts seen on this topic.

Knoxville Radio Dial - 1977

FM Dial
WKCS-FM 91.1 Knoxville (Variety)
WUOT-FM 91.9 Knoxville (Public Radio)
WLIL-FM 93.5 Lenoir City (Country)
WUUU-FM 94.3 Oak Ridge (Easy Listening)
WYSH-FM 95.3 Clinton
WEZK-FM 97.5 Knoxville (Easy Listening)
WSBM-FM 99.3 Jefferson City (Country)
WOKI-FM 100.3 Oak Ridge (Top 40)*
WSEV-FM 102.1 Sevierville (Variety)
WBIR-FM 103.5 Knoxville (Country; “Music Country WBIR”)**
WIVK-FM 107.7 Knoxville (Country)

AM Dial
WOFE-AM 580 Rockwood (Country)
WRJZ-AM 620 Knoxville (Top 40; “62 WRJZ”)
WLIL-AM 730 Lenoir City (Country)
WIVK-AM 850 Knoxville (Country//WIVK-FM 107.7)
WKXV-AM 900 Knoxville (Gospel)
WSEV-AM 930 Sevierville (Country)
WNOX-AM 990 Knoxville (Top 40)
WATO-AM 1290 Oak Ridge (AC)
WKGN-AM 1340 Knoxville (Top 40/Disco)***
WYSH-AM 1380 Clinton (Country)
WGAP-AM 1400 Maryville (Country)
WJBE-AM 1430 Knoxville (R&B)
WEAG-AM 1470 Alcoa
WJFC-AM 1480 Jefferson City
WKVQ-AM 1490 Knoxville (Top 40)
WOKI-AM 1550 Oak Ridge (AC)****
WSKT-AM 1580 Knoxville (Religious)

More information about Knoxville radio in 1977:

* - WOKI-FM 100.3 was going on three years since WOKI-FM 100.3 signed on the air. They were still aired some automated top 40 programming including southern rock.

** - WBIR-FM 103.5 had been "Music Country WBIR" for since 1975.

*** - WKGN-AM 1340 aired a top 40 format with disco music mixed in. The station later became “Disco 13” and in the summer of 1979, they became a top 40 station once again. In 1980, they became "Love 13" with an AC format.

**** - WOKI-AM 1550 was a 1-KW daytime-only adult contemporary station that simulcasted WOKI-FM 100.3 on Saturdays and Sundays. The AC format aired during the week. By the Spring 1978 ratings book, WOKI-AM changed calls to WORI.

Knoxville Radio Dial - 1991

Here is list of Knoxville radio stations that existed back in 1991.

Some of the FM ones are from the Knoxville FM composite that RMarino, a member of Radio-Info, uploaded just recently.

I have included some of the other stations that were heard in Maryville, Oak Ridge, Seymour, Oliver Springs, Loudon, Sevierville, and Karns.

Knoxville Radio Dial - 1991

FM Dial
WUOT-FM 91.9 Knoxville (Public Radio)
WWZZ-FM 93.1 Karns (Active Rock; “Z-93”)
WKNF-FM 94.3 Oak Ridge (Oldies; “Magic 94”)
WYFC-FM 95.3 Clinton (Satellite Religious)
WGAP-FM 95.7 Maryville (Country)
WJBZ-FM 96.3 Seymour (Southern Gospel)
WEZK-FM 97.5 Knoxville (AC; “The New 97.5 WEZK”)
WXVO-FM 98.7 Oliver Springs (Country)
WOKI-FM 100.3 Oak Ridge (Top 40; “I-100”)
WMYU-FM 102.1 Sevierville (AC; “U-102”)
WIMZ-FM 103.5 Knoxville (Rock; “Rock 103.5 WIMZ”)
WEMQ-FM 104.5 Knoxville (Adult Standards)
WXST-FM 105.3 Loudon (Oldies; “West 105.3”)
WDLY-FM 105.5 Sevierville (Country)
WIVK-FM 107.7 Knoxville (Country)

AM Dial
WRJZ-AM 620 Knoxville (Religious; “Joy 62”)
WUTK-AM 850 Knoxville (News/Talk; “NewsTalk 850 WUTK”)
WKXV-AM 900 Knoxville (Gospel)
WSEV-AM 930 Sevierville (Country)
WIVK-AM 990 Knoxville (Country//WIVK-FM 107.7)
WQBB-AM 1040 Knoxville (Adult Standards//WEMQ-FM 104.5)
WIMZ-AM 1240 Knoxville (Rock//WIMZ-FM 103.5)
WATO-AM 1290 Oak Ridge (AC)
WKGN-AM 1340 Knoxville (Urban)
WYSH-AM 1380 Clinton (Country)
WGAP-AM 1400 Maryville (Country//WGAP-FM 95.7)
WITA-AM 1490 Knoxville (Religious)
WDMF-AM 1580 Knoxville (Religious)

1040 History

This is the 23rd station history I have posted and this one is on 1040 which was once going to be WKXT-AM.

1040 History

On August 15. 1984, 1040 signed on as WBZW-AM. Originally, 1040 was going to become WKXT-AM 1040 when they signed on later in the year but the owners of AM 1040 decided that WBZW would be the call letters for the new station. Ironically, the WKXT call letters would end up on a TV station that operated at channel 8 as a CBS affiliate. Channel 8 is now WVLT-TV 8 and still CBS-affiliated.

For a few years, WBZW aired lots of programming. On July 1, 1988, WBZW became WQBB-AM and they became a big band station. In 1995, WQBB began a format where it featured talk and sports programming. In 1998, WQBB changed formats from talk and sports to big band as “Q-104”.In 2002, WQBB changed formats from big band to sports as “1040AM The Ticket”. The station aired programming from the FOX Sports radio network. The station would sign-off at night as it has been doing since WBZW signed on in 1984.

In 2005, WQBB became a standards-formatted station as “Studio 1040, WQBB” which has remained ever since.

Knoxville Radio Dial - 1976

This is a Knoxville radio station list from 1976. Some of the list is based on personal recollection while some of the list comes from the topics about "Knoxville Radio History" and others seen on Radio-Info.

Knoxville Radio Dial - 1976

FM Dial
WUOT-FM 91.9 Knoxville (Public Radio)
WUUU-FM 94.3 Oak Ridge (Easy Listening)
WEZK-FM 97.5 Knoxville (Beautiful Music)
WOKI-FM 100.3 Oak Ridge (Automated Top 40)
WSEV-FM 102.1 Sevierville (Variety)
WBIR-FM 103.5 Knoxville (Country; "Music Country WBIR")
WYSH-FM 104.9 Clinton (Unknown Format)
WIVK-FM 107.7 Knoxville (Country)

AM Dial
WRJZ-AM 620 Knoxville (Top 40)
WIVK-AM 850 Knoxville (Country)
WKXV-AM 900 Knoxville (Gospel)
WSEV-AM 930 Sevierville (Country)
WNOX-AM 990 Knoxville (Top 40)
WBIR-AM 1240 Knoxville (All News)
WATO-AM 1290 Oak Ridge (AC)
WKGN-AM 1340 Knoxville (Top 40) *
WYSH-AM 1380 Clinton (Country)
WROL-AM 1490 Knoxville (Album Rock) **
WSKT-AM 1580 Knoxville (Religious)

* - WKGN-AM 1340 switched from a top 40 format to album rock later on in the year.

** - WROL-AM 1490 switched from album rock (W-149) to top 40 (15-Q) as WKVQ.

99.1 History

This is post number 22 of the Knoxville AM and FM radio station histories. This next post focuses on 99.1 which once carried a country format also heard on WLOD-AM.

99.1 History

On September 26, 1988, 99.1 signed on the air as WLOD-FM, a country music station that was also heard on WLOD-AM. WLOD-FM 99.1 was a rimshot from Loudon, TN. In 1991, WLOD-FM changed calls to WNOX-FM. In 1992, WNOX-FM changed formats from country to jazz AC as “Double 99”.

“Double 99” was a jazz AC station that was also heard on WNDD-FM 99.3 (now WNRX-FM 99.3) out of Jefferson City, Tennessee. In 1994, WNOX-FM 99.1 changed formats from jazz AC to urban AC as “X-99” while WNDD-FM 99.3 changed formats from jazz AC to country as “FM 99-3 WNDD”. In 1997, WNOX-FM 99.1 changed formats from urban AC to news/talk as “NewsTalk 99 WNOX” because WNOX-AM 990 was simulcasting the news/talk format heard on 99.1 FM.

This lasted from 1997 until 2005 when WNOX-FM changed formats from news/talk to sports as “The Sports Animal” and the calls were changed to WNML-FM. The sports format, known as “The Sports Animal, is also heard on WNRX-FM 99.3 in Jefferson City and WNML-AM 990 in Knoxville.

95.7 History

This is post number 21 of Knoxville AM and FM radio station histories. This next post focuses on 95.7 which once carried a country music format as WGAP-FM.

95.7 History

In 1988, 95.7 signed on the air as WYNQ with city of license located in Maryville. On January 11, 1990, WYNQ changed calls to WGAP-FM and the format became a country music station that was simulcasted on WGAP-AM 1400, also located in Maryville. The country format would last for 9 years on FM. In the late 1990s, WGAP-FM would change formats to hot AC as "Mix 95.7" while the country format on WGAP-AM 1400 continued.

In 1999, the calls would be changed from WGAP-FM to WTXM. In 2000, "Mix 95.7" would transition from hot AC to modern AC. In 2000, WTXM-FM 95.7 would change formats from modern AC to sports "Sports Radio 95.7 & 1240 AM, The Team". "The Team" carried local programs including "The Next Level with Tony Basillio" and programs from FOX Sports Radio.

In 2002, WTXM-FM would switch formats along with WXVO-FM 106.7 to hot AC as "Mix 95.7 & 106.7". The 106.7 call letters were changed to WRMX-FM. This lasted a few months and that year, WTXM-FM 95.7 and WRMX-FM 106.7 changed formats to oldies as "Oldies 95.7 and 106.7".

In 2005, WTXM-FM 95.7 and WRMX-FM 106.7 changed formats as "Jack FM" which is a variety hits station. The 95.7 calls were changed a short time later to WQJK-FM while 106.7 became WRJK-FM.

Friday, March 16, 2007

1240 History

This is station history post number 20 in the Knoxville Radio History blog and this one focuses on AM 1240 which once was home to WBIR-AM 1240.

1240 History

On January 21, 1941, 1240 signed on as WBIR-AM. Throughout the first few years, WBIR aired various programs including Doc Johnston's morning program where he would play the piano. The program was also simulcasted on WBIR-FM 103.5 (now WIMZ-FM 103.5). In the mid to late 1970s, WBIR aired an all-news format as "All News 124" where it aired NBC's short-lived all-news format known as "The NBC News and Information Service".

In 1980, Stoner Broadcasting bought the station and changed it to WHEL-AM with an adult standards format known as "The Wheel". In 1982, WHEL-AM changed formats from standards to a simulcast of WIMZ-FM 103.5's rock format and the calls were changed from WHEL-AM to WIMZ-AM. For the first few years, WIMZ-AM would simulcast WIMZ-FM in the morning and afternoon drive. The midday and evening hours would be automated AOR. In the mid 1980s, WIMZ-FM would be simulcasted entirely. The WIMZ-AM calls would last for 8 years.

WIMZ-AM 1240 changed formats from a WIMZ-FM 103.5 simulcast to a rhythmic CHR format that was short-lived. On May 10, 1993, the calls were changed from WIMZ-AM to WEZK-AM and started a simulcast of WEZK-FM's AC format. The calls were changed to WZEZ on April 28, 1994 and the WEZK-AM calls were brought back on September 24, 1994.

On December 7, 1995, the calls were changed back to WIMZ-AM and began airing programming from ESPN Radio. In 1996, they became "The Team 1240" and continued the sports format. A simulcast at 95.7 in Maryville/Knoxville was added in 2000.

The sports format on AM 1240 and 95.7 FM continued until 2002 when AM 1240 changed calls to WJXB-AM and carried 24-hour news from the cable network CNN Headline News as "CNN 1240". A few years later, WJXB-AM became WIFA-AM with a religions music/talk format known as "Faith 1240".

96.3 History

This is the 19th station history I have posted and this one focuses on 96.3 which has aired a southern gospel format for almost 16 years.

96.3 History

On March 31, 1991, WJBZ-FM 96.3 signed on the air and the station operates with 6,000 watts of power. The station stills airs a southern gospel format that has aired for almost 16 years. For a few years, WJBZ-FM 96.3 has simulcasted the noon and 6pm editions of WVLT Volunteer TV News.

WJBZ airs many programs from “Mull’s Concert Time” every Sunday afternoon to the church services every Sunday morning.

670 History

This is the 18th station history I have posted and this one focuses on AM 670 which is an oldies station playing fifties and sixties music.

670 History

On November 10, 1988, 670 signed on as WTNN-AM and carried “The Breeze” satellite smooth jazz radio network. Ironically, the smooth jazz would be heard a few years later on WSMJ-FM 98.7 as “Smooth Jazz WSMJ 98.7” with live jocks.

A few years later, WTNN-AM 670 would change formats to talk as “All-American Talk 670”. The station also carried religious programming. In 1999, WTNN changed calls to WKFN and continued the talk format but no religious programming would be heard.

In 2000, WKFN changed formats from talk to big band. The big band format on WKFN would be heard until 2002 when they changed formats from big band to R&B adult contemporary. On August 11, 2005, a lightning strike caused WMTY-AM 670 to be knocked off the air for a few weeks.

On November 10, 2005, WMTY-AM was back on the air and became the newest broadcast offering from Horne Radio. The station became an oldies station that currently plays music from the fifties and sixties.

620 History

This is the 17th station history I have posted and this one focuses on AM 620 which once was a very popular top 40 station.

620 History

On February 12, 1927, 620 signed on the air as WNBJ. The station was owned by the Lonsdale Baptist Church and operated at 1450 which is currently home to LaFollette’s southern gospel station, WLAF-AM. In 1930, the station was sold to the Stuart Broadcast Corporation and moved to 1310 on the AM dial. In 1931, the calls were changed to WROL-AM. Ironically, WROL-AM would go on to apply for a television station on channel 6 which we know today as WATE-TV.

In March 1941, WROL would move to its current dial position at 620 on the AM dial. A few years later, WROL-AM would change the calls to WATE-AM which was WATE-TV’s sister station. WATE-AM 620 would launch the career of Ann Taylor who was a newsreader on both WATE-AM and WATE-TV.

In 1971, the calls were changed from WATE-AM to WETE-AM. The station aired an AC format during their time as WETE-AM. In 1976, WETE-AM changed the calls from WETE-AM to WRJZ-AM. That year, they became a top 40 station that featured many DJs including CP and Walker, Tony Taylor, John Wood, Adele Arakawa, Mark Thompson, and Rick Kirk. In mid 1981, WRJZ-AM would transition to AC and by early to mid 1982, they would be a country music station.

A few months later, WRJZ would become an oldies station and then afterwards, they went off the air. A few years later, WRJZ-AM would change formats to a religious talk format that continues to this day.

98.7 History

This is the 16th station history post and this next one takes a look at 98.7, which once was home to a country music format when they first signed on.

98.7 History

On September 15, 1989, 98.7 would sign on the air as WXVO-FM, a country music station, licensed to Oliver Springs. For the next 8 years, WXVO would air a satellite country music format until November 30, 1997 when the 98.7 signal got upgraded. That same day, WXVO changed formats from country to active rock as “98.7 The X”.

The station aired an active rock format that had DJs every day and night. The active rock format and “98.7 The X” name would last until 4/13/1999 when they became a smooth jazz station as “Smooth Jazz WSMJ 98.7” with WSMJ as the new call letters. Ironically, smooth jazz was heard on WTNN-AM 670 (now WMTY-AM 670) back in 1990.

The smooth jazz format on WSMJ lasted almost 3 years when they changed formats from smooth jazz to rhythmic CHR as “Wild 98.7”. The call letters would be changed from WSMJ to WYIL. The rhythmic CHR format on 98.7 would last 3 years when due to the success of WKHT-FM 104.5’s rhythmic CHR format known as “Hot 104.5”, WYIL changed formats from rhythmic CHR to AAA as “98.7 The River”.

The AAA format on 98.7 was hears for almost a year when WOKI-FM 98.7 changed formats to variety hits as “98.7 Earl FM”. Ironically, the variety hits format was also being heard on WQJK-FM 95.7 and WRJK-FM 106.7.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

1340 History

This is post #15 of the Knoxville AM and FM radio station histories.

This next history profiles 1340 which was once a popular top 40 and disco station.

1340 History

In 1946, WKGN signed on the air. The station carried a lot of great programming before they became a top 40 station. In the early 1960s, WKGN adopted the top 40 format. Many of the DJs heard on WKGN were Gary Drake, Jack Etzel, Ted Ferguson, Mick Rizzo, Larry Stevens, Dave Nichols, and Happy Day (Bill Coffield) who launched a career at WLAF-AM 1450 in LaFollette, Tennessee.

In 1976, WKGN transitioned from top 40 to album rock. In Summer 1978, WKGN changed formats from album rock to disco. By the summer of 1979, they became a top 40 station once again but by 1980, the station would transition from top to AC as "Love 13".

The station changed formats from AC to news/talk a year or two later. The news/talk format at WKGN would last until August 17, 1987 when the new call letters were WLIQ with a new name known as “13Q”. The station carried an AC/oldies format through the week with an all gold format every weekend.

The station also had a DJ on every weekday afternoon by the name of Ashley Adams. She is now the morning DJ on WJXB-FM 97.5 with Brad Jefferies. The call letters were changed back to WKGN on August 1, 1988. The oldies format stayed on 1340 until a few weeks later when WKGN adopted the current urban format.

Vintage Aircheck - WOKI-FM 100.3 (1981; Brother John St. John)

I have now posted a WOKI-FM 100.3 aircheck from 1981 when the station was top 40. The DJ heard in the aircheck is Brother John St. John. The quality of the aircheck is great and the DJ had such a great voice back then.

You can hear the aircheck at:

This is courtesy of history, a Radio-Info member.

More vintage Knoxville airchecks to be posted later on as time progreses.

Vintage Aircheck - 1991 Knoxville composite

I have posted a scoped Knoxville FM radio composite from June 1991. The composite comes from RMarino, a Radio-Info member. There is a Chattanooga station at the end as well.

The stations included in the Knoxville composite from June 1991 are:

- WMYU (U-102)
- WOKI (I-100)
- WIMZ (Rock 103.5 WIMZ)
- WWZZ (Z-93)
- WEZK (The New 97.5 WEZK)

The composite can be heard here:

Very soon, there will be more vintage airchecks coming very soon to the Knoxville Radio History blog site so stay tuned for more here at Knoxvile Radio History.

Aircheck courtesy of Rich Marino.

1580 History

This is station history post #14 and this next post is the history of 1580, a station that carried a religious format as WSKT-AM.

1580 History

On May 21, 1961, 1580 signed on as WSKT-AM with studios located in Colonial Village with studios located at the Knoxville Hyatt lobby. The station carried a religious format that lasted very well into the late 1980s.

In the late 1980s, the station was leased to a couple of local radio groups and was transformed to a screaming top 40 station as WMRE-AM. In the late 1980s, they were a nostalgia station known as "AM 1580 WMRE, The Memory Channel". The station was sold to black out-of-town preachers and was renamed WDMF. The station then left the air for a few years.

On May 11, 1998, 1580 signed back on as WAHI-AM and carried a gospel format. On November 28, 2003, WAHI-AM changed calls to WNPZ-AM and kept the gospel music format. The station goes by “1580 The Light” and has been gospel ever since.

103.5 History

This is station history post #13 and this next post is the history of 103.5, a station that was formerly WBIR-FM.

103.5 History

In October 1949, 103.5 signed on the air as WBIR-FM. WBIR-FM had a lot of programs and in the 1960s and 1970s, WBIR-AM 1240 (now WIFA-AM 1240) and WBIR-FM 103.5 aired Doc Johnston’s morning show and on that morning show, he would play the piano.

WBIR-FM 103.5 went to an automated MOR format from Drake-Chenault called “Hit Parade” in the early 1970s. Still co-owned with WBIR-TV 10, WBIR-FM 103.5 changed formats in 1977 from automated MOR to country as “Music Country WBIR". The station also aired “The Mulls Singing Convention” on the station.

In 1979, WBIR-FM 103.5 changed formats from country to rock as “Rock 104”. On March 11, 1980, WBIR-FM 103.5 changed call letters to WIMZ-FM. Since then, WIMZ-FM 103.5 has aired a rock format and continues to this day.

(Thanks to Larry Solomon for the WBIR-FM "Rock 104" logo)

107.7 History

This is now my 12th station history I have posted on this blog.Here is a great station history of WIVK-FM 107.7, one of America’s greatest country stations of all time:

107.7 History

WIVK-FM 107.7 signed on the air on December 16, 1965. When the station signed on the air, the station was simulcasted on 850. The station played lots of good country songs back then and featured Claude “The Cat” Tomlinson mornings. Later on in the 1970s, WIVK commercials aired on TV with the frog named Wivick as the mascot. That has been WIVK’s mascot for a very long time. The commercials were extended to the early 1980s where the four frogs were assembling together the letters that spell “WIVK”.

On February 1, 1984, WIVK-FM 107.7’s simulcast on AM 850 changed calls to WHIG-AM. The station's simulcast was broken off but only for a short time. The call letters WHIG were short-lived as the WIVK-AM call letters were brought back on AM and the country format returned along with its 107.7 simulcast. On September 1, 1988, WIVK’s AM simulcasts of the FM was moved from 850 to 990 as 850 became WUTK-AM, a news/talk station owned by the University of Tennessee.

On January 22, 1997, WIVK-FM’s simulcast on WIVK-AM 990 changed formats to news/talk with new calls, WNOX-AM. Since then, WIVK has won many awards including station of the year and WIVK currently features a morning show called “Andy & Allison In The Morning”. WIVK is one of America’s best country music stations and has remained that way for years.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

93.1 History

This is the eleventh station history post.

This time, I will be posting a history of 93.1 which was once home to “Star 93.1”, a good CHR station with Toddzilla heard nightly.

93.1 History

93.1 signed on the air in 1989 as WCKS, a soft AC station known as “The New 93 Kiss FM”. The station played the best of the 60s, 70s, and today at the time. The station even played some classic rock music during their time as “93 Kiss FM”.

On December 5, 1990, WCKS became WWZZ with a CHR format as “Z-93”. For a short time, “Z-93” was an active rock station. They played country music before they went back to CHR just a few months later. On May 23, 1991, WWZZ became WWST along with a new name “Star 93.1”. The station featured a lot of good jocks including one who was a DJ at WKSF in Asheville, North Carolina and it was Toddzilla who does evenings at “Star 102.1”.

On February 9, 2001, WWST swapped frequencies with WMYU. While WWST moved to 102.1 with the “Star 102.1” name, WMYU moved to 93.1 with the “Oldies 93.1” name. The station played oldies as “Oldies 93.1” from 2001 until 2003. That year, WMYU changed formats from oldies to hot AC as “93.1 The Point”. The hot AC is still around today and 93.1 will be remembered as a great top 40 station.

1430 History

This is the tenth station history post on this blog.

This next post of a radio station that James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul", owned from 1967 through 1979.

1430 History

1430 signed on the air as WGYW-AM in 1960. In 1967, WGYW became WJBE-AM as James Brown bought the station. The station was promoted as “WJBE 1430, Raw Soul”. The station featured many personalities including Jerry Mason II, Tene’ Croom, Larry Tinsley, and others. The station also aired weekly messages from Messenger Elijah Muhammad every Sunday morning at 10:00am.

In 1979, James Brown sold the station and in 1980, the station changed its call letters to WBMK but kept the soul music format. In 1987, the call letters were changed from WBMK to WEMG.

However, in 1989, the station signed off for good and the frequency was deleted, thus, ending the run of the station that was once owned by James Brown, a legendary soul singer.

1200 History

This is the ninth station history post on this blog. This next post is of a short-lived station on AM 1200 in Knoxville from 1924 through 1934.

1200 History

In 1924, WFBC-AM signed on at 1200 on the AM dial. WFBC was owned and operated by the First Baptist Church of Knoxville. In 1927, WFBC moved back to 1280 and in 1930, WFBC moved back to its old home at 1200 on the AM dial.

However, in 1934, the WFBC call letters and AM signal moved to Columbia, South Carolina, thus, ending the short history of the radio station of the First Baptist Church of Knoxville.

102.1 History

This is the eighth station history post and this next post is for 102.1 which was home to a great AC station known as “U-102”.

102.1 History

102.1 signed on the air on February 3, 1961 as WSEV-FM and was licensed to Sevierville. They aired a variety format with lots of programming including some music programs they aired. In the final years of WSEV-FM, they aired block music programming. For instance, they aired a top 40 program, a country music program, and a rock program.

In early 1981, WSEV-FM 102.1 changed calls to WMYU-FM and became “U-102”, a soft AC/country hybrid that was successful in the first years of the station. The station would evolve to an AC station and on April 1, 1996, WMYU would air oldies programming with “My 102” as their new name. On October 1, 1997, the new name for 102.1 was “Oldies 102”.

On March 9, 2001, WMYU switched formats with WWST. The 93.1 signal became WMYU with an oldies format known as “Oldies 93.1” while 102.1 became “Star 102.1” with new calls, WWST. The name “Star 102.1” is still around today and is playing today’s best hits.

990 History

This is the seventh station history posted onto the blog site.

This station history is of WNML-AM which once was WNOX, a legendary top 40 station of the 1960s and 1970s.

990 History

In November of 1921, WNOX signed on as WNAV and it was started by 16-year old Dick Adcock in the Summit Hills neighborhood of Knoxville. On November 3, 1922, WNAV got a frequency and they were licensed at 833 kHZ and was owned by People's Telephone and Telegraph Company. In 1923, the station was destoyed by a fire and the station was knocked off the aier. In 1924, WNAV moved from 833 kHZ to 1290 while the station was still off the air. The station returned to the air in 1925 and in 1926, WNOX moved to 1120 and the calls were changed from WNAV to WNOX.

In 1927, WNOX moved from 1120 to 1130 on the AM dial. The station was purchased by the Sterchi Brothers on June 20, 1928. The station moved yet again from 1130 to 560 on the AM dial on November 11, 1928. On June 15, 1937, the station swapped frequencies with WFBC-AM in Columbia, South Carolina. WNOX moved to 1010 while WFBC was moved to 560.

On March 29, 1941, the station moved to 990, its current frequency. The station adopted the top 40 format in the late 1950s to early 1960s. The station had some great disc jockeys including Bernie Quayle. The station would later become an AC station in the mid to late 1970s. In 1982, WNOX would be bought by Mack Sanders who wanted country music stations. WNOX changed formats to country and the station was never the same again. Also that year, Mack Sanders bought WYSH-FM 95.3 and changed calls to WNKX-FM 95.3 and brought the country format.

On April 5, 1988, WNOX changed calls to WTNZ. The WTNZ calls were short lived when WTNZ became WIVK and the simulcast of 107.7's country format was moved from 850 to 990. For 2 weeks back in March of 1988, they aired an oldies format that had music from the 1950s and 1960s. After two weeks, the oldies format was gone with a simulcast of WTNZ-FM 95.3 and the calls were changed to WTNZ-AM.

On August 25, 1997, the simulcast was broken off in favor of news/talk. The WNOX calls were brought back as part of the change. They were "NewsTalk 990" for the first few years and they were "NewsTalk 99" because of the simulcast on WNOX-FM 99.1 (now WNML-FM).

On May 9, 2005, the WNOX calls moved to the FM side when WOKI-FM 100.3 changed formats from AAA to news/talk as "NewsTalk 100 WNOX". That day, WNOX-AM 990 would change formats from news/talk to sports as "The Sports Animal" with WNML-AM as the new call letters.

97.5 History

This is the sixth station history post on the blog.

Now here is the history of 97.5 which was a longtime easy listening station:

97.5 History

97.5 signed on in April 17, 1967 as WEZK-FM, a very popular easy listening station in Knoxville. Many of the voices on WEZK-FM and one of them was Jeff Jarnigan (currently heard on "B-97.5") who spoke the legal ID at the top of the hour in 1975. Paul Oscar Anderson was another jock at WEZK-FM who played easy listening records at the station. In its final years, WEZK-FM 97.5 was known as "EZ 97". In 1990, WEZK-FM 97.5 changed formats from easy listening to AC.

On September 24, 1994, WEZK-FM became WJXB-FM with soft rock as the new format. The station also became "B-97.5" which continues to this day. The station has evolved from a popular easy listening station to Knoxville's station for today's soft rock.

100.3 History

This is now my fifth station history blog post and this one is all about 100.3 which once was WOKI, a wonderful top 40 FM station back in the 1980s.

100.3 History

WOKI-FM 100.3 signed on the air on April 20, 1974 as an automated station. The station also had jingles from TM's "Pacific and Southern" package. For the first few weeks when WOKI-FM was on the air, Johnny Pirkle spent 5 to 6 weeks loading the automation system with country one week, top 40 the next, and all rock the other. The station began as an automated top 40 station when the automation was in place. The only time WOKI was live was if they were broadcasting UT football or when the automation system was down. By 1976, WOKI-FM was airing top 40 music including southern rock, country, album cuts, soul and funk, etc.

In the early 1980s, WOKI-FM became a live top 40 station with jocks throughout the day and night. WOKI also began airing "American Top 40 with Casey Kasem" which once aired on WNOX-AM 990 when the station aired a top 40 format in the late 1970s. The station went by many names including "FM 100 WOKI", "Hits 100", and "I-100".

In March of 1993, the station changed formats from top 40 to country ending an era of almost 19 years of airing top 40 programming. On January 26, 1998, WOKI kept the country format but with a new name. It was "Outlaw Country 100.3" and it played a lot of current country songs and some classic country songs. The "Outlaw Country" name would be short-lived.

On March 27, 1998, the station changed formats from country to classic hits as "Eagle 100.3". The station played classic hit songs. In April 2001, WOKI changed formats from classic hits to AAA as "100.3 The River". The station even had a DJ named Mayor Joe who would host "Foxville TNZ" on WTNZ-TV 43, the FOX affiliate.

On May 24, 2005, WOKI-FM changed frequencies from 100.3 to 98.7 while WNOX-FM moved from 99.1 to 100.3 on the FM dial. The 100.3 signal began carrying news/talk as "NewsTalk 100 WNOX".

850 History

I have now added my fourth station history and this fourth one is really good.

Here is the history of AM 850, the station that was once home to one of America's most popular country music stations, WIVK:

850 History

WIVK-AM 850 signed on March 1953 at 860 on the AM dial with a variety format. The station carried many programs including Claude The Cat, The Cas Walker Show, The Mulls Singing Comvention, and various programs. In 1961, WIVK adopted the top 40 format. Many of the jocks at WIVK included Bobby Denton, a legend in Knoxville media. In 1964, WIVK brought the country format to Knoxville and in November 1966, WIVK-AM moved from 860 to 850 which would be the future home of WKVL, a news/talk station. On February 1, 1984, WIVK-AM changed calls letters to WHIG but changed formats to AC to compete with "U-102". The WHIG call letters and format were short-lived when the WIVK call letters and country music format returned on October 1, 1984.

On September 1, 1988, WIVK changed calls to WUTK and the 850 signal was donated to UT when WIVK moved to 990 on the AM dial. AM 850 also changed formats from the country simulcast heard on WIVK-FM 107.7 to news talk. WUTK would keep the news/talk format until January 22, 1977 when WIOL became the new call letters for AM 850.

On July 1, 1998, WIOL changed formats from news/talk to southern gospel. Over a month after WIOL started simulcasting 96.3's southern gospel format, WIOL became WJBZ-AM. Over a year after WJBZ-AM started its simulcast of 96.3's southern gospel format, the calls were changed to WKVL and since then, WKVL has carried a news/talk format that continues to this day.

About This Blog Site

This blog site was created by me. I started this blog site about vintage Knoxville radio because I saw three classic radio station commercials from 1982.

The commercials I saw were:

- WIVK (The one with the four frogs putting the letters "WIVK" together while a jingle was playing)
- WRJZ (The one where a person was switching the dial to AM 620 where coins started to come out while a country music song was playing)
- WMYU (The one where a construction worker was telling a driver about the new "U-102")

These commercials got me to start a blog site about Knoxville radio history.

This blog site currently features the history of some Knoxville stations and more will be coming later. It will also feature vintage Knoxville radio airchecks and much more.

Coming soon: Vintage Knoxville airchecks

I just received word from history, a Radio-Info member that he has some airchecks. These include the following:

- WRJZ (CP & Walker)
- WOKI (Brother John St. John)
- U102
- WEZK (Paul Oscar Anderson)

I will post these once I get them and they will be scoped airchecks with the DJs mainly on there.

It will probably be a few hours or a few days before they are posted.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

1490 History

This is my first Knoxville AM station history.

To begin, let's look at the history of Knoxville's 1490 which once was WROL-AM with a progressive rock format as "W149":

1490 History

The history of AM 1490 began on September 1, 1960 as WROL-AM. The WROL-AM call letters were previously heard on WNBJ-AM 1310 (now WRJZ-AM 620). In the early 1970s, the station became "W149" and progressive rock as their format. The station was mainly heard across the UT-Knoxville campus with city of license located in Fountain City. This was to protect a daytimer on 1470 in Alcoa. The station was put on the air by Johnny Pirkle who was in charge of programming and Dick Sterchi who was in charge of sales. This was during the time Pirkle was waiting for his 100.3 application to go through.

When "W149" died in 1976, the station became "15Q" with WKVQ as their new calls. Many of the DJs including Rockin' Ron Baptist and Kim Carson would work at the station. The station was a hot rockin' top 40 that would last less than a year. The station would drop CHR for MOR.

The MOR format was short-lived when in the late 1970s, WKVQ became WITA and the format became religious. The religious format at 1490 WITA continues to this day.

The information about "W149" and WITA comes from radioranch, a Radio-Info member.

Knoxville Radio Dial - 1979

The Knoxville radio scene was changing. By 1979, WBIR-FM 103.5 would change over from country music to rock as "Rock 104". That same year, WATE-TV 6 and WTVK-TV 26 switched affiliations.

Here is the list of stations that existed in 1979:

FM Stations
WUOT - 91.9 FM Knoxville (NPR Public Radio)
WUUU - 94.3 FM Oak Ridge (Beautiful Music)
WYSH - 95.3 FM Clinton (Unknown Format)*
WEZK - 97.5 FM Knoxville (Beautiful Music)
WOKI - 100.3 FM Oak Ridge (Top 40)
WSEV - 102.1 FM Sevierville (Automated Programming)**
WBIR - 103.5 FM Knoxville (Country; "Music Country WBIR")***
WIVK - 107.7 FM Knoxville (Country)

AM Stations
WRJZ - 620 AM Knoxville (Top 40; "62 WRJZ")****
WIVK - 850 AM Knoxville (Country//WIVK-FM 107.7)
WKXV - 900 AM Knoxville (Christian)
WSEV - 930 AM Sevierville (Unknown Format)
WNOX - 990 AM Knoxville (AC; "99 WNOX")*****
WBIR - 1240 AM Knoxville (Standards) ******
WATO - 1290 AM Oak Ridge (AC)
WKGN - 1340 AM Knoxville (Disco; "Disco 13")*******
WYSH - 1380 AM Clinton (Unknown Format)
WBMK - 1430 AM Knoxville (R&B)
WITA - 1490 AM Knoxville (Christian Music) ********
WSKT - 1580 AM Knoxville (Religious)

* - WYSH-FM 95.3 would soon change formats to country when Mack Sanders bought the station along with WNOX-AM 990 to become WNKX-FM 95.3

** - WSEV-FM 102.1 was doing automated programming which included a Top 40 program that aired daily on WSEV-FM. The station would later become "U-102" with WMYU as the new call letters.

*** - WBIR-FM 103.5 changed formats to rock as "Rock 104" that year. They kept the WBIR-FM calls for a few weeks and then changed the calls to WIMZ-FM.

**** - WRJZ-AM 620 aired top 40 for the next year in 1979. In 1980 and soon thereafter, WRJZ-AM 620 would go with a variety of formats including AC, country, and oldies. The station airs a religious talk format today.

***** - WNOX-AM 990 would be bought by Mack Sanders who wanted country music stations on the radio. That very station, AM 990, would be the newest country music station in the late 1970s and the AC format on WNOX was history.

****** - WBIR-AM 1240 changed calls to WHEL-AM that year and the nickname of the station was "The Wheel".

******* - WKGN-AM 1340 would later switch from top 40 from disco in the Summer of 1979.

******** - WITA-AM 1490 had a top 40 format as "15-Q" with the calls WKVQ. Soon thereafter, WKVQ changed calls to WITA and played Christian music.

Courtesy of history, a Radio-Info member.

Knoxville Radio Dial - 1984

1984 was the year I was born and this was the year where the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles took place.

Here are the list of the stations that existed in 1984:

FM Stations
WUOT - 91.9 FM Knoxville (NPR Public Radio)
WETQ - 94.3 FM Oak Ridge (Country; "Q-94FM")
WNKX - 95.3 FM Clinton (Country; "Kix 95")
WEZK - 97.5 FM Knoxville (Beautiful Music; "EZ 97")
WOKI - 100.3 FM Oak Ridge (Top 40; "FM 100")
WMYU - 102.1 FM Sevierville (AC; "U-102")
WIMZ - 103.5 FM Knoxville (Rock; "Rock 104 WIMZ"
WIVK - 107.7 FM Knoxville (Country)

AM Stations
WRJZ - 620 AM Knoxville (Country; "62 WRJZ")
WIVK - 850 AM Knoxville (Country//WIVK-FM 107.7)
WKXV - 900 AM Knoxville (Christian)
WSEV - 930 AM Sevierville (Country)
WNOX - 990 AM Knoxville (Country; "99 WNOX")
WIMZ - 1240 AM Knoxville (Standards)
WATO - 1290 AM Oak Ridge (AC)
WKGN - 1340 AM Knoxville (Talk)
WYSH - 1380 AM Clinton (Country)
WITA - 1490 AM Knoxville (Christian Music)
WSKT - 1580 AM Knoxville (Religious)

Courtesy of history and knoxbob, Radio-Info members.

Coming very soon: Vintage Knoxville radio ratings

I got an email from Chris Huff of and formerly of WIVK. I will be posting some vintage ratings of the Knoxville stations.

The ratings will be from 1970 through 1990 so watch this space for some vintage Knoxville radio ratings.

Looking for airchecks

I am looking for vintage airchecks of Knoxville radio stations from the 1960s through the early 1990s.

I am looking for the following:

AM Stations
- WATE-AM 620/WETE-AM 620/WRJZ-AM 620
- WIVK-AM 850/WUTK-AM 850
- WNOX-AM 990/WIVK-AM 990
- WHJM-AM 1180
- WBIR-AM 1240/WIMZ-AM 1240
- WKGN-AM 1340
- WJBE-AM 1430/WBMK-AM 1430
- WROL-AM 1490/WKVQ-AM 1490/WITA-AM 1490
- WSKT-AM 1580

FM Stations
- WUOT-FM 91.9
- WCKS-FM 93.1/WWZZ-FM 93.1
- WATO-FM 94.3/WUUU-FM 94.3/WETQ-FM 94.3/WKNF-FM 94.3
- WYSH-FM 95.3/WNKX-FM 95.3/WTNZ-FM 95.3
- WEZK-FM 97.5/WJXB-FM 97.5
- WOKI-FM 100.3
- WSEV-FM 102.1/WMYU-FM 102.1
- WBIR-FM 103.5/WIMZ-FM 103.5
- WCFA-FM 104.9*
- WIVK-FM 107.7

* - Most wanted

If anyone has any airchecks of these stations, email me at and I will be happy to post them.

95.3 History

This is my second post. Now here is the history of 95.3 FM:

95.3 History

In the mid 1960s, the station started out on 104.9 FM as an automated top 40 station with call letters WCFA. The name of the station was “Super CFA” and it was the first top 40 FM station in the East Tennessee area before WOKI was a top 40 station. The DJs on Super CFA (WCFA) included one who would become the mayor of LaFollette, Cliff Jennings. CJ the DJ was also a salesman at the station. The calls would later become WYSH-FM.

104.9 would later move to 95.3 and kept the WYSH-FM calls. This was to make room with the new LaFollette FM at 104.9. Mack Sanders would later buy the station along with WNOX. As WNOX changed formats from a very popular AC station to country music, WYSH-FM became a country music station with new calls, WNKX. Many DJs included Bill Beason who was a veteran radio DJ. The station was known as "Kix 95" with the zebra as their station mascot.

The mid to late 1980s brought on a change at 95.3. The station would become “Power 95” with new calls WTNZ-FM. Some of the DJs included Screamin’ Jeff Freeman and others. The station would later switch to a satellite religious service from BBN with WYFC as the new calls. They still have the format to this day.

Information about the history of 95.3 comes from SuperQ and history, Radio-Info members.

First Post/94.3 History

This is my first post on the new Knoxville radio history blog. I was going to do this in a website but I decided to make this a blog where it includes the history of Knoxville radio stations.

The first post now begins with the history of 94.3:

94.3 History

In February 1967, 94.3 signed on the air as WATO-FM, an underground rock station. Most students at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville would use their antennas to get the radio station. The station later changed call letters to WUUU and the format was changed to easy listening. Easy listening was also heard on WEZK-FM 97.5 (now WJXB-FM; “B-97.5”) at the time. The station also broadcasted Atlanta Braves baseball in the mid 1970s. Their slogan was “The Station For You”. In 1980, 94.3 changed calls from WUUU to WETQ with a country music format known as "Q-94FM".

In 1985, WETQ changed calls to WKNF-FM with an oldies format as “Magic 94”. In 1994, WKNF-FM became “K-94” with a classic country format. This was short-lived as WKNF-FM kept the “K-94” name but dropped the classic country format for a format that featured CHR, pop, and alternative music.

The station became “94-Z” with WNFZ as their new call letters. The station has aired a modern rock format since the mid 1990s with nicknames such as “Planet Radio 94dot3”, “94.3 Extreme Radio”, and currently, “94-3 The X”.

The information about the history of 94.3 comes from KJ Allen’s RadioWas website and SuperQ, a Radio-Info member.