Saturday, March 17, 2007

1040 History

This is the 23rd station history I have posted and this one is on 1040 which was once going to be WKXT-AM.

1040 History

On August 15. 1984, 1040 signed on as WBZW-AM. Originally, 1040 was going to become WKXT-AM 1040 when they signed on later in the year but the owners of AM 1040 decided that WBZW would be the call letters for the new station. Ironically, the WKXT call letters would end up on a TV station that operated at channel 8 as a CBS affiliate. Channel 8 is now WVLT-TV 8 and still CBS-affiliated.

For a few years, WBZW aired lots of programming. On July 1, 1988, WBZW became WQBB-AM and they became a big band station. In 1995, WQBB began a format where it featured talk and sports programming. In 1998, WQBB changed formats from talk and sports to big band as “Q-104”.In 2002, WQBB changed formats from big band to sports as “1040AM The Ticket”. The station aired programming from the FOX Sports radio network. The station would sign-off at night as it has been doing since WBZW signed on in 1984.

In 2005, WQBB became a standards-formatted station as “Studio 1040, WQBB” which has remained ever since.

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