Tuesday, March 13, 2007

95.3 History

This is my second post. Now here is the history of 95.3 FM:

95.3 History

In the mid 1960s, the station started out on 104.9 FM as an automated top 40 station with call letters WCFA. The name of the station was “Super CFA” and it was the first top 40 FM station in the East Tennessee area before WOKI was a top 40 station. The DJs on Super CFA (WCFA) included one who would become the mayor of LaFollette, Cliff Jennings. CJ the DJ was also a salesman at the station. The calls would later become WYSH-FM.

104.9 would later move to 95.3 and kept the WYSH-FM calls. This was to make room with the new LaFollette FM at 104.9. Mack Sanders would later buy the station along with WNOX. As WNOX changed formats from a very popular AC station to country music, WYSH-FM became a country music station with new calls, WNKX. Many DJs included Bill Beason who was a veteran radio DJ. The station was known as "Kix 95" with the zebra as their station mascot.

The mid to late 1980s brought on a change at 95.3. The station would become “Power 95” with new calls WTNZ-FM. Some of the DJs included Screamin’ Jeff Freeman and others. The station would later switch to a satellite religious service from BBN with WYFC as the new calls. They still have the format to this day.

Information about the history of 95.3 comes from SuperQ and history, Radio-Info members.

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