Wednesday, March 14, 2007

About This Blog Site

This blog site was created by me. I started this blog site about vintage Knoxville radio because I saw three classic radio station commercials from 1982.

The commercials I saw were:

- WIVK (The one with the four frogs putting the letters "WIVK" together while a jingle was playing)
- WRJZ (The one where a person was switching the dial to AM 620 where coins started to come out while a country music song was playing)
- WMYU (The one where a construction worker was telling a driver about the new "U-102")

These commercials got me to start a blog site about Knoxville radio history.

This blog site currently features the history of some Knoxville stations and more will be coming later. It will also feature vintage Knoxville radio airchecks and much more.

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