Thursday, March 15, 2007

107.7 History

This is now my 12th station history I have posted on this blog.Here is a great station history of WIVK-FM 107.7, one of America’s greatest country stations of all time:

107.7 History

WIVK-FM 107.7 signed on the air on December 16, 1965. When the station signed on the air, the station was simulcasted on 850. The station played lots of good country songs back then and featured Claude “The Cat” Tomlinson mornings. Later on in the 1970s, WIVK commercials aired on TV with the frog named Wivick as the mascot. That has been WIVK’s mascot for a very long time. The commercials were extended to the early 1980s where the four frogs were assembling together the letters that spell “WIVK”.

On February 1, 1984, WIVK-FM 107.7’s simulcast on AM 850 changed calls to WHIG-AM. The station's simulcast was broken off but only for a short time. The call letters WHIG were short-lived as the WIVK-AM call letters were brought back on AM and the country format returned along with its 107.7 simulcast. On September 1, 1988, WIVK’s AM simulcasts of the FM was moved from 850 to 990 as 850 became WUTK-AM, a news/talk station owned by the University of Tennessee.

On January 22, 1997, WIVK-FM’s simulcast on WIVK-AM 990 changed formats to news/talk with new calls, WNOX-AM. Since then, WIVK has won many awards including station of the year and WIVK currently features a morning show called “Andy & Allison In The Morning”. WIVK is one of America’s best country music stations and has remained that way for years.

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