Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vintage Aircheck - 1991 Knoxville composite

I have posted a scoped Knoxville FM radio composite from June 1991. The composite comes from RMarino, a Radio-Info member. There is a Chattanooga station at the end as well.

The stations included in the Knoxville composite from June 1991 are:

- WMYU (U-102)
- WOKI (I-100)
- WIMZ (Rock 103.5 WIMZ)
- WWZZ (Z-93)
- WEZK (The New 97.5 WEZK)

The composite can be heard here:

Very soon, there will be more vintage airchecks coming very soon to the Knoxville Radio History blog site so stay tuned for more here at Knoxvile Radio History.

Aircheck courtesy of Rich Marino.

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Rich said...

Hi. I'm the one that recorded this aircheck in 1991 and I can tell you that there is no WNOX-FM (snippet or otherwise.) I didn't even know what WNOX was back then.