Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vintage Airchecks: WIMZ, WMYU, and WOKI

Hi again everyone! Here are the links to some more airchecks:

(This is a jingle for U-102 WMYU from 1986. The jingle heard is part of a jingle package that U-102 used at the time called "Hot KIIS" by Jam Productions)

(In this aircheck from 1986, you hear JJ Randle doing a live remote at Tony's VIP in Knoxville)

(This is one of the sweepers WOKI-FM used in 1986)

(This is another one of the many sweepers WOKI-FM used in 1986)

(In this aircheck from 1986, you'll hear Colvin Idol do a local newsbreak during Phil Williams' shift on WIMZ-FM 103.5)

(In this aircheck from 1986, you'll hear a short clip of Phil Williams hosting a morning show on WIMZ-FM 103.5)

(In this aircheck from 1985, you'll hear Shotgun Stevens and Danny The Geek. This is a very funny aircheck of both Shotgun and Danny)

(In this aircheck from 1985, you'll hear a clip of Shotgun Stevens where he talks about Topper Shutt who worked at WTVK-TV 26 in Knoxville at the time. Topper Shutt now works at WUSA-TV 9 in Washington, DC)

(In this clip from 1986, you'll hear a promo for the Stevie Nicks concert as heard on WOKI-FM 100.3)

(In this aircheck from 1985, you'll hear a promo Jerry Howell did for Shotgun Stevens' night show on WOKI-FM 100.3)

All of these airchecks are courtesy of Chad Austin.

Stay tuned in the next few days for a clip of Ashley Adams doing the afternoon show on WLIQ-AM 1340.


Joe said...

Great blog! Really brought back the memories for someone who's lived in the Knoxville area since 1976, and thanks for pointing me to the "Knoxville Radio History" page. I still remember every single DJ listed for WOKI in 1980. I was actually quite friendly with Michael Henry Martin, and was a "regular" on Brother John's "Boogie Check". I used to have some tapes around here, somewhere... Anyway, thanks (again) for the memories!

Derrick said...

Joe, you're very welcome. If you have any airchecks of WOKI-FM and other Knoxville stations, send them to me at and I will be happy to credit you. Thanks for the comments.

Bryan said...

Shotgun Stevens. Wow! I loved listening to his shows. I think my favorite part was the 'make me like you' show. I remember laughing so much listening to it. I actually was on the air a couple of times myself trying to convince him to like me but didn't succeed. lol