Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 new airchecks

I was going to post the links to the new airchecks tomorrow but I have decided to do it today as I have uploaded the audio to eSnips.

Here they are:

(In this aircheck, we hear Shara Knight doing an airshift. Also included is a WTNZ-FM 95.3 sweeper)

(In this clip from 1985, we hear Commander Dave doing a live remote on WIMZ-FM 103.5)

(From 1987, we hear a short clip of John Larson doing an airshift on WIMZ-FM 103.5)

(From 1988, we hear a short clip of Tony Lawson doing an airshift on WIMZ-FM 103.5)

(From 1984, here is a TOH sweeper as heard on WIMZ-FM 103.5)

(From 1986, here is a short clip of Gary Beach on WOKI-FM 100.3)

(From 1985, here is Greg Williams doing a live remote on WOKI-FM 100.3)

(From around the late 1980s, here is a WOKI-FM 100.3 jingle heard during "The Top 10 at 10:00")

(From the 1986 to 1988 timeframe, here is a promo for WOKI-FM's "Sound Machine" and a "Hits 100" jingle)

(From 1988, here is "The Bandit" on WOKI-FM 100.3)

These airchecks are courtesy of Chad Austin.

New airchecks to be posted tomorrow

Hello everyone! Sorry if there have not been any updates. I have not had a lot of time to post on this blog.

Good news: Tomorrow, there will be some new airchecks. These airchecks come to the blog courtesy of Chad Austin.

Some highlights include a WIMZ-FM TOH (top of hour) sweeper, a 95.3 WTNZ aircheck featuring Shara Knight, and a clip of The Bandit on WOKI-FM 100.3.

I am still looking for any logos. The "95.3 WTNZ" logo will be uploaded onto the site on the station history of 95.3 tomorrow as well.

Have a good day everyone and tale care.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Looking for station logos for my station histories I have posted

I apologize if I have not updated this site in quite some time. I have been busy with college and will be graduating from college in just a few days.

I am looking for any vintage Knoxville radio station logos. I am thinking of adding those logos onto the station histories I posted onto this blog.

Email me at and I will be happy to post them.

Oh and here is what logos I am looking for:

1) The WNKX "Kix 95" logo with the zebra
2) The WETQ "Q-94" logo
3) The WKNF "Magic 94" logo
4) The WTNZ-FM "Power 95" logo


5) Any other Knoxville radio station logos from the past.

Have a good Monday and take care.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Big Announcement

Hello everyone! I do have a big announcement and this is absolutely good news. I will be co-creating a radio station tribute site. The site will pay tribute to a short-lived top 40 station known as "POWER 95". As many of you who know, the calls were WTNZ-FM. Before that, the station was known as "95-3 TNZ" where they played a CHR/Dance format.

I am going to keep the site open because I enjoy learning about Knoxville radio history and I enjoy posting airchecks. I will be creating the "POWER 95" tribute site with Chad Austin. This site it will feature airchecks, pictures, and so much more.

Keep it right here for the link to the "POWER 95" tribute site and keep it here for more airchecks coming very soon.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vintage Airchecks: WOKI

Here are three more airchecks I have uploaded onto Esnips and they are unscoped airchecks.

(This aircheck from April 1988 invcludes Gary Beach and the music that was heard in 1988)

(In this aircheck from May 1987, you'll hear Ted Ousley doing an airshift and the music that was popular in 1987)

(In this aircheck from February 1986, you'll hear some of Mick Edwards doing an airshift and the music that was popular in 1986)

All of these airchecks are courtesy of Chad Austin. Keep it here in the next few days as new airchecks are going to be uploaded.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vintage Airchecks: WIMZ, WMYU, and WOKI

Hi again everyone! Here are the links to some more airchecks:

(This is a jingle for U-102 WMYU from 1986. The jingle heard is part of a jingle package that U-102 used at the time called "Hot KIIS" by Jam Productions)

(In this aircheck from 1986, you hear JJ Randle doing a live remote at Tony's VIP in Knoxville)

(This is one of the sweepers WOKI-FM used in 1986)

(This is another one of the many sweepers WOKI-FM used in 1986)

(In this aircheck from 1986, you'll hear Colvin Idol do a local newsbreak during Phil Williams' shift on WIMZ-FM 103.5)

(In this aircheck from 1986, you'll hear a short clip of Phil Williams hosting a morning show on WIMZ-FM 103.5)

(In this aircheck from 1985, you'll hear Shotgun Stevens and Danny The Geek. This is a very funny aircheck of both Shotgun and Danny)

(In this aircheck from 1985, you'll hear a clip of Shotgun Stevens where he talks about Topper Shutt who worked at WTVK-TV 26 in Knoxville at the time. Topper Shutt now works at WUSA-TV 9 in Washington, DC)

(In this clip from 1986, you'll hear a promo for the Stevie Nicks concert as heard on WOKI-FM 100.3)

(In this aircheck from 1985, you'll hear a promo Jerry Howell did for Shotgun Stevens' night show on WOKI-FM 100.3)

All of these airchecks are courtesy of Chad Austin.

Stay tuned in the next few days for a clip of Ashley Adams doing the afternoon show on WLIQ-AM 1340.

Coming very soon

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone has had a good week so far. It has been a good one for me and I have enjoyed it. Why the topic "coming very soon"? Well, you're about to find out in this post.

Coming in the next few days, some more classic Knoxville radio clips are going to be posted. Some highlights includes a Colvin Idol newsbreak he did on WIMZ from 1986 and a clip of Shotgun Stevens with Danny The Geek from 1985. That clip of Danny the Geek and Shotgun has to be the funniest clip I have ever heard. Another highlight has to be a jingle for WMYU-FM 102.1 from 1986 when they were U-102.

I have already put the clips onto Esnips and sometime on Saturday night or Sunday, I will post the links to the airchecks for anyone who wants to hear those airchecks.

And that's not all, you will also hear a classic aircheck of Ashley Adams, the current morning DJ doing an afternoon shift on WLIQ-AM 1340 from 1988. For those who do not know this or for many of you who know, WLIQ-AM 1340 was known as "13Q" and played oldies at the time.

These airchecks come to us from Chad Austin so thanks to Chad for these wonderful airchecks.

Also, don't forget to check out my favorite website I visit everyday called "Knoxville Radio History 101". The site features lots of good pictures and lots of interesting information.

The site is located at so when you get the chance, don't forget to check it out like I always do everyday.

Keep it here this weekend for new airchecks and lots more on Knoxville Radio History. This is Derrick saying have a good Saturday and keep it right here for more from Knoxville Radio History.